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What is Breast Massage & Why?

I'm proud to be among the handful of massage therapists in Washington State who has met the educational criteria to offer safe, effective full chest and breast massage for men and women.

You may be wondering, what is breast massage and why would someone need it

In my mind there are three distinct types of breast massage. One is actually not about the breasts at all but about the chest wall behind the breast tissue. Another is lymphatic massage for healthy breast tissue. The third is lymphatic drainage and myofascial release techniques for medical reasons, such as to decrease swelling and pain following mastectomy, top surgery or other surgery that affects the chest and breasts.

The chest and breast is a vital part of the body. The chest is the front of the back. The ribcage is circular. Tension and pain in the back and neck can be relieved with meaningful massage therapy on the chest wall and breast tissue. Unfortunately, our society has sexualized women's breasts so they are covered, not to be touched or seen. Women are expected to wear bras, with their tight straps digging into our shoulders, and restricting our breath and torso movements.

It's society, not the actual physiology of our human bodies, that has cut off our access to this part of ourselves. So first and foremost, for me, breast massage is a way to reclaim this part of my body for myself. To receive therapeutic touch on my own terms feels not only like healing myself, but like I'm participating in the healing of our whole society. And that's why I'm proud to offer full chest and breast massage to my clients.

Women and men who have pain and trauma associated with their chests and breasts can take an active role in re-integrating that part of their body through caring, nurturing touch as well. Gentle, lymphatic drainage helps to clear areas of congestion, relieving pressure and pain. Myofascial massage techniques can help restore comfortable movement in the shoulders, arms, neck and chest.

Breast and full chest massage, like massage anywhere else, is offered as safe, meaningful and informed therapy on your terms. As a holistic bodyworker, I support you in discovering your body through touch, breath, movement and awareness. That means that you're always in control of how, where and when you want to explore your body. I'm honored to be present with you to facilitate your healing journey.


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