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Breast Massage for Lactation

Moms who want to nurse their babies sometimes have problems with low milk production, painful, swollen breasts and plugged ducts. Massage and manual therapy during and after pregnancy can prepare breasts for healthy lactation and weening.

Even when breastfeeding is relatively easy, holding a growing baby means back, neck and arm aches and pains. Relieving tightness in the chest and breasts seems to relieve these issues as well.

I specialize in breast massage for lactation in Washington State. The techniques I use combine client education with professional manual lymphatic drainage, manual expression and gentle massage appropriate for breast tissue.

Getting a full breast and chest massage is similar to receiving many kinds of massage. There's an intake and consultation prior to the treatment where we discuss any problems you may be having, and what your therapeutic goals are. We discuss options and agree to a plan for the session. Then you lay on the massage table in a comfortable position - on your back, reclined on pillows, or on your sides. Most of the techniques can be done over clothes or with direct skin contact. Afterward, we discuss self-care strategies including self-massage and bras.

Each appointment lasts about 90 minutes, all included. Some women only need one appointment for lactation concerns. Others may need a series, or to visit several times on an as-needed basis.

Beyond supporting lactation, I also offer full chest and breast massage to both men and women as part of a full body integrated bodywork experience. Learn more.


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