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What Happens during a Holistic Bodywork Session?

Whether a single, jarring incident or hurt inflicted over time - trauma permeates every layer.

The pain is conscious and un(der)conscious.

It's physical, emotional and spiritual.

It's communal, familial.

Trauma creeps down our spines, makes a home in our bellies, connects wires to our brains where the machine replays the most terrifying moments of pain.

Over and over on a loop so we don't forget.

Trauma winds, spirals, clenches and creeps.

It drips into every cell, making its way into the past and future.

Now bodywork... that's here.

Here in between these four walls, you're safe.

You, me, this pain.

Just the three of us ready for a different kind of conversation.

I reach out my hand to find the place where it hurts.

You breathe in, tentatively at first, unsure but ready to listen.

The pressure feels pleasant.

A welcome reprieve.

You breathe deeply, discovering new places within yourself.

Through my offered touch you embark on a sensory journey.

The trauma and the pain show up as guides.

And we get to know them.

They don’t want to hurt you.

They say, “I have something to show you.”

We wander over and explore new sensations.

And it gets easier.

Then you say, “My body is my friend.”


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