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Recovering from impact injuries shouldn't be traumatic

The moment the world stops. A car accident. A fall at work. An attack from an assailant. Trauma and impact injuries change our lives in an instant.

Strains, sprains, broken bones, damaged nerves - these internal cuts and bruises can take a long time to heal.

Another source of trauma that we often dismiss is that following surgery. Even though surgery is done to save or improve our lives, it can come with a hidden cost. Scars and inflammation following surgery are their own kind of trauma.

Rehabilitative medicine, especially massage therapy, can be scary at this time. Intuitively, you know that an inexperienced therapist can hurt you.

Over the years I have worked with hundreds of people with pain and injury caused by accidents, assaults, and surgery. I work carefully and systematically - layer by layer, moving through and around the injury to facilitate healing.

You can look forward to healing your body and getting your life back. Bodywork sessions are always creatively customized to nurture you back to health. I'm not like other rehabilitative therapists that "push you to the limit" and try to "break up the scar tissue." I recognize that pain is the brain's way of saying, "this isn't right!"

My bodywork approach is dialed into the experience of the person I'm helping. Your pain is addressed first. Once the pain subsides, you feel more confident and begin moving your body with ease. People tell me they're surprised that holistic bodywork therapy not only doesn't hurt, it actually feels good.


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