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Prenatal Massage can help moms cope with stress and pain

Pregnancy is often a complicated transition for women. It's a time of joy as well as anxiety over the many unknowns that a baby will bring. The body changes rapidly. Sometimes these changes bring discomfort, even pain.

Many pregnant women experience low back and leg pain as the baby grows and pelvis spreads. Women with young children get a double whammy, often complaining of neck and shoulder tension. Then there's carpal tunnel syndrome, heartburn and swollen feet.

Fun times!

Holistic bodywork offers expectant moms the opportunity to feel relief both in the moment, and for days and weeks after the session.

Meaningful touch can be classic massage - long flowing strokes with lotion or oil to relax. It can also include positional release, stretches, holds, and point pressure to relieve deep aches. Light skin touch along nerve pathways can help with numbness and swelling.

Pregnant moms may enjoy enhancing their bodywork experience with hot stones, foot scrubs, and steam towels. These can further help decrease stress and pain on the table.

A holistic approach doesn't just rely on passive experiences though. Teaching pregnant women body-based self-care gives them knowledge and power to find relief outside the treatment room.

Examples of holistic self-care coaching:

  • Controlled, directed breath

  • Adaptations for changing body mechanics

  • Mindfulness, visualization, guided meditation

  • Pillow positioning strategies


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