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Holistic Bodywork Perspective

A holistic approach is one that recognizes the wholeness of each person. Bodyworkers who approach their craft in a holistic way each have different levels of knowledge, experience, training and interpretations that give their approach a distinctiveness unique to them as individuals. Holistic bodywork is a generic term - one that can be adopted, molded and manifested according to each practitioner's understanding.

My approach to holistic bodywork is a marriage of art and science which is given expression through touch, breath, movement and awareness. It's more about body play than body work. I enjoy collaborating with my clients to create an experience that nurtures their sense of self at ease, in a state of peace.

Whether someone is suffering physically or emotionally, the pain they feel is real. It's tangible to them. My role in their lives becomes that of a guide, a helper, a friend who has some knowledge in the way of navigating the troubled waters to reach a safe shore.

My approach to holistic bodywork is evidence-based and client-centered. First, I look to pain science and the biopsychosocial model of health to make sense of what I do. Second, I put my clients at the center of the experience, removing any agendas, protocols or rituals that don't help the people I serve to get the experience or results they want.

Unlike talk therapy which focuses on the psyche, touch therapy focuses on the body. Interestingly, while talk therapy can have profound effects on how we feel in our bodies, bodywork can bring us to a deep stillness within our minds. Perhaps this is because we are whole and complete always, but sometimes forget. Holistic therapies provide a way for us to remember this about ourselves.


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